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"Misty Mirrors"
Mental Health

The personal story, essays and poetry of a person
 challenged by mental illness.

The diagnosises are schizoaffective disorder (recently),
schizophrenia (in the past), and depression (recently).

This website was last updated in May 2013.



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This Month's Quote.

"The foremost art of kings is the power to endure hatred."
-- Seneca


Some Symptoms of Adverse Mental Health.

Anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour, paranoia, delusions, obsessiveness, hearing "voices", cycles of "highs" and "lows", and "cutting".

Definitions from Health Professionals.

Here are definitions from psychiatrists of Depression, the Bipolar Disorder, the Schizoaffective Disorder and Schizophrenia.

My Personal Story.

In the last years of school I suffered from paranoia and delusions. I was in a lot of pain. Despite of that I was able to complete my academic work. I left home and travelled for one year. Afterwards I felt better. I studied at a well-known university. I graduated with a science degree. After a series of traumatic experiences I started to hear "voices". I could not cope. Again I was in a lot of pain. I admitted myself into a psychiatric hospital. Afterwards I worked as a labourer for two years. Then I was able to resume work as a software developer in the Information Technology industry. During my 30-year-long career I had some psychotic episodes. These were difficult times. I never married. I am now in my  sixties. My hobbies are music, using my computer, using my smartphone, writing, painting and walking. I am a member of support groups such as GROW, CoDA, Al-Anon and Intervoice. The diagnosis of my illness was sometimes schizophrenia and sometimes schizoaffective disorder. I also suffer from depression.


My "Light" Essays and Poems.

When I was 15 years old and studying basic physics and chemistry at school, I had a humbling thought about the world. I recently put the idea into a 2-sentence-long statement. It is called "Size".

Whilst on a holiday in Brisbane (an Australian city) I wrote a poem. It won a prize in a poetry competition in 2004.

I wrote a poem whilst sitting in a cafe. It is called
"Change". It was published in a poetry magazine in 2002.

In 2009 I wrote a short poem called "Home". Please read it.

Also in 2009 I wrote the poem "Love".


My "Heavy" Essays and Poems.

Here is an essay called "Action". Please read it.

This is an allegory called "A Wine Glass". It may instil hope. It was published in several bulletins and magazines.

I wrote a story about dysfunctional relationships. It is called The Addict and the Enabler. An alternative title may be: "The Narcissist and the Dependent". You might find it enlightening.

I wrote a poem about a person's experiences. It is is called "Loving Everyone".

Here is a true story called "Psychological Bullying".  Are you or were you a victim?

I wrote a story about manipulation. Would you like to read "Shopping"?

Here is a story about ethics. It is called "Difference". It attracted a lot of attention in a writing forum.

In the essay "My Spirituality" I wrote about my experience with religion.

In 2009 I wrote a poem about a person who learned something from his painful experience. It is a true story. It is called "A Big Lesson".

I wrote a poem about caring people. aggressive people, and hybrids. It is called "Types".

In 2009 I wrote the poem "Psychiatrists". It is cynical. Please read it.


My Proverbs.

I wrote a proverb about self-analysis. Please look at it.

I wrote another proverb about rejection by a loved one.  Here it is.

Here is my third proverb. It is about getting wisdom.

I wrote another proverb. It's about listening.

In 2010 I wrote another proverb. It is about choosing a marriage partner.


Information from other Sources.

Some things that some aggressive people told the webmaster.



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